. . . and They're Trying to Steal My Music and My Sound

by Steve Fitch



My Music by Me Music no. ME93B

THIS IS A COMPANION SET to the album "White People Have My Brain Hooked-Up to a Machine." This set mostly consists of instrumental mixes of songs on "White People," versions with entirely different lyrics, alternate mixes of instrumentals. "White People" should be listened-to first, in order to provide context for the material in this set.

Both sets are available together on one CD, which has a bonus track added.
Both can also be downloaded as one, here:

Hit me: mymusicbymemusic.com


released October 23, 2014

Music, lyrics and recordings © 2014 Steve Fitch;
published by My Music by Me Music (BMI).
Realized by Steve Fitch 7–22 October, 2014.
Dedicated to Donny Hathaway (1946–1979).



all rights reserved


Steve Fitch

All the recordings here have been produced since 2009. Downloads are via trychec.com links.

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